Generic desktop adapter library: libdadapt prototype

Philip Van Hoof spam at
Fri Nov 25 07:58:42 PST 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-23 at 00:39 +0100, nf2 wrote:

> I have just finished a prototype of "libdadapt". The purpose of the 
> "Generic desktop adapter library" is described here:

This stuff is great. I'm totally interested in the GParts and GMainLoop
(or the common main loop) integration in KDE and GNOME.

Next week I'll have three weeks of holidays. I'm most likely going to
checkout your stuff and check whether or not I can help. Please let me
know which pieces need help. I have a lot experience with GLib/Gtk+ yet
nearly no experience with Qt/KDE. This can change, of course.

I really do hope both the KDE and the GNOME folks like the idea of a
common main loop. I think this would solve a lot problems and open a lot

I'm thrilled by the idea of having the possibility to actually use KDE
components (or KParts or whatever) in GNOME/Gtk+ applications (and vica
versa). That gparts_khtml_demo (if it really works smooth) absolutely

You're most likely going to get a lot negative reactions. Please don't
let those stop you. Please DO ignore them. Your idea is great. We "must"
start integrating each others components and start cooperating with each

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