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Tue Nov 29 03:04:08 PST 2005

Luca Dionisi wrote:

> How much does Gnome adhere to the shared-mime-info spec?
> In particular, is this spec used in Nautilus in order to find the
> icon to use for a particular file?
> I'm building my own system with the Linux From Scratch book,
> and I'm asking this beacuse of the presence of a package in
> gnome (GNOME MIME Data-2.4.2) that installs 2 dirs in

GNOME 2.4 is an old version, which is using mime-info. Latest versions
of GNOME (2.8, 2.10, 2.12) and latest versions of GTK+ (2.8) use only
Shared MIME Info Spec.

> /usr/share:
>  application-registry
>             contains the application mime database.
>  mime-info
>             contains the mime description database.
> Any information will be appreciated

In SuSE we are using mime-info-to-mime script (attached). You may want
to edit paths.

MIME definition example (with GNOME versions history):

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