Repositories and name of the desktop configuration specification have been changed

Philip Van Hoof spam at
Mon Oct 10 05:09:19 PDT 2005

Hi there,

I changed the name and the repository of the desktop configuration

I decided to rename it to "deconf-spec". For now it has been copyrighted
using the GNU Free Documentation License. This will change in a near
future to a more suitable license. Note that all the included samples
are in the public domain.

Naming: "deconf" stands for "DEsktop CONFiguration". So "deconf-spec" is
simply: "Desktop configuration specification".

Or simply use

A simple service implementation of this specification will be
implemented in

I have no time estimations for that implementation.

Note that I can give you Subversion accounts for commit access. You can
also send me diffs. I "will" look at them and chances are high that I
will approve and commit them.


The/my plans for the implementation stages are

 o. Stop development of "DConf", start "deconf-desk". Reuse "DConf" as a
    learning-platform for "deconf-desk".

 o. Not to create a library, the specification tells a library
    developer how to do that. (so, drop libdconf-glib)

 o. Not to create a schema-to-class code generator (like KConfigXT), the
    specification tells a developer how to do that.

 o. To create a very simple implementation (deconf-desk) that isn't yet
    focused on performance. This first implementation will focus on the
    spec. and on checking whether the specification is doable (A Prove
    Of Concept)

       o. A schema reader (as a library)

       o. A D-BUS protocol implementation (as a library)

       o. A very simple backend implementation (as a plugin/library)

       o. A main.c to tie it all together

 o. After that improve the implementation in such a way that it'll
    become a high performance one
       o. A high performance backend implementation

       o. Introducing short-life-time caches (I/O avoidance caching)

 o. After that implement and specify distributed desktop configuration
    management and group desktop configuration management.

       o. Plugin that works as a special client for deconf-desk

       o. deconf-serv that talks with the plugin

If somebody is interested in the development of "deconf-desk" (which is
indeed the service implementation of "deconf-spec"): leave me a note.
It's going to be an opensource (GPL) project. At this moment is
"deconf-desk" targeted at becoming a prove of concept for "deconf-spec".

So ... Not yet a final product. It will not be a final one any time soon

Philip Van Hoof, software developer at x-tend
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gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org
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