[PATCH] Add long comments to shared-mime-info XML file

Christian Neumair chris at gnome-de.org
Sun Oct 16 03:14:51 PDT 2005

Am Samstag, den 15.10.2005, 15:50 -0400 schrieb Andrew J. Montalenti:
> Dear Christian,
> On Sat, 2005-10-15 at 21:18 +0200, Christian Neumair wrote:
> > I'm sorry but because of b) I really have to insist on the unexpanded
> > and the expanded version of a MIME description being two totally
> > separate strings. I guarantee you that if we CCed gnome-i18n at gnome.org,
> > many people supported my POV.
> Okay, I agree with you.  How about we just clean up the redundancies in
> the strings, unless someone comes up with a way to get the benefits of
> my proposal without messing with b) in your criticism.

I'm very glad that we're approaching a common solution. I'd just like to
point out that removing the redundancies would lead to new
inconsistencies, i.e. we'd expand

"WMV video" to "Windows Media Video"
while expanding
"PGP message" to "Pretty Good Privacy message"

Again, the problem is that the long-comment tag suggests to have a
semantic 1:1 mapping to the comment tag, which is not true. It's rather
a format description. What tag name would you propose to reflect that?
I'm not a native speaker, so I don't really count, but I'd go with
"type-comment" or something.

Christian Neumair <chris at gnome-de.org>
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