[PATCH] Add long comments to shared-mime-info XML file

Lars Hallberg lah at micropp.se
Sun Oct 16 10:21:50 PDT 2005

Christian Neumair wrote:

>a) Backwards compatibility. I know, we haven't reached 1.0 yet, and
>don't make semantic guarantees but it's plain unfriendly to introduce
>markup in a previously markup-free string which could be interpreted
>plain. GNOME 2.10 and 2.12 would display the abbr tag carbon, which is a
>no no.
What about "CSS [Cascading Style Sheet] stylesheet". Whit the 
expectation that implementation shuld remove text betwin []s and may 
present it as tooltip (or in other form) for the word befor the []s. 
Yes, it will look redundant and ugly in older implementation, but not 
*that* ugly, and it is only an transient problem. And it is possable to 
ship just "CSS styleshet" for a time and add the "[Cascading Style 
Sheet]" when implementation have catched up and start to apere in 
distrubutions to minimise the problem.

>b) i18n. I used to be the translation coordinator for the German l10n
>crew at GNOME for a few years, and my experience with translators was
>and is that they often don't compile the software they translate, or
>don't know how to figure out how a po string maps to the final
>application. You can't rely on them being properly informed about the
>technology they use.
Abowe format shuld help in translation, att least a bit.

But expanding abrivation is only helping that much, whats realy needed 
for usability is some 'explanation', like "Style information controlling 
the aparens of a webpage".


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