Security issue with .desktop files revisited

Sam Watkins sam at
Mon Apr 10 14:58:28 EEST 2006

Waldo Bastian wrote:
> I think it's a sane idea to require +x on .desktop files in order for a file 
> browser or "Desktop" to execute the .desktop file. It shouldn't be too much 
> of a problem to add a #!/usr/bin/xdg-open line to the format either, although 
> it my take a while before applications actually start to add that.

Thank-you very much for the encouragement Waldo :)

I'll have a go at implementing my proposal soon, God willing.

If anyone knows of particular bits of gnome, kde and xfce that are
responsible for executing, creating and editing .desktop files,
would you please let me know to save me having to hunt around?

Also do you know of any other environments, utilities, etc. out there
that use, create or manipulate .desktop files?  Maybe there's a list



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