all in desktop et al.

Benjamin Rich at
Thu Apr 13 08:38:50 EEST 2006

Following my posts about displaying all files in /home/user on the
desktop, I decided you're all right, and I should just make my own
desktop GUI if I want this feature included. That, and some other
ideas that I've been wanting to put down in HTML are now at:

It details the Common Linux Desktop Platform, which is a set of
cross-distro tools I'm going to write to allow a set of 'foundations'
for anyone wanting to write a desktop/GUI application for 'Linux',
distro-nonspecific. I realise this isn't a new idea and I'm sure there
are other projects based on this concept - nonetheless.

Any questions or comments are welcome - please email me, or use the
mailing list I've set up for the site. If you're interested please
have a look and give me your thoughts. Also if you're even slightly
interested in contributing code or ideas, I would really appreciate it


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