An addition to the clipboard specification

Toni Ruottu toni.ruottu at
Wed Apr 19 09:28:20 EEST 2006


> > I created a patch which sharpens the current specification in the way I
> > was requesting.

> Well, the specification is really more of an explanation of the
> current established way of handling X clipboards. Changing the 
> explanation will not do much other than making it not match any
> X clients behaviour anymore. 

You did read my patch, right? Note that this is the "original" way, used
by old software built on X Toolkit. Not following this behavior has also
been filed as a bug for gtk+, so I'm not the first one who got irritated
about this bug in implementations. Updating the specification would, not
only verify such bug reports, but also make it a lot easier to file new
ones for other broken systems.

Current specification states "Application authors should follow the
following guidelines to get correct behavior". Gtk+ has shown us that
it is possible to follow the guideline and still have a broken behavior.
Now, that's a quest we have to answer by updating the spec.


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