shared-mime-info 0.17 bug

Bernhard Kleine bbfk at
Tue Apr 25 16:39:21 EEST 2006


today I downloaded several pdf-files from scientific journals.
Controlling the mime-type, some of them were application/PDF, some were
text/plain. The first bits of the files are similar: %PDF- which is the
magic key word for application/pdf. 

A bug report has already been filed: #6577. Since the actual
shared-mime-info is recent, I am wondering how long it may take to get
this bug fixed. 

In the bug-report Gérard Milmeister mentioned that he got the mime-types
fixed by increasing priorities. Does anyone happen to know how to do

I am using debian unstable and nautilus. This bug actually affects
mailing of pdf files since those files, which have assigned wrong
mime-types, may not be opened by the mail client. In some cases, when
mail was returned, a 12 MB pdf file let evolution crash when it tried to
format this file as text. This bug needs therefore attention. 

I would very much appreciate if someone in a position to speed the patch
development would help to get this bug resolved.

Thanks a lot!

Bernhard Kleine
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