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Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at intel.com
Wed Aug 2 23:11:15 EEST 2006

Next week's (Aug 10) the OSDL DTL Tech board call is dedicated to
Freedesktop specs. I will send out an announcement later today. Let's
discuss there what we can do to create the required concensus. In the
meantime I would like to invite people to add suggestions to the wiki on

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>> Also, KDE/Qt still doesn't support it last I checked. (But without
>> concenus it wouldn't make much sense anyway) See
>i'm aware of at least one qt/kde implementation of xsettings support.
>you noted, it's a matter of missing consensus. as long as it sticks to
>issues (fonts, colours, etc) that are intrinsic to an X session i don't
>foresee problems post-consensus for getting support for it on the
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