RELEASED: xdg-utils 1.0 beta2

William Jon McCann mccann at
Thu Aug 3 02:31:16 EEST 2006

Hi Waldo,

Bastian, Waldo wrote:
> I disagree. I think it's a platform detail but I think it is appropriate
> to be platform specific in this case. I just notice that my reply to
> never
> made it to the list. I think that the suggestion to use
>    gnome-screensaver-command --inhibit \
>    --application-name="FooPlayer" \
>    --reason="Playing in fullscreen mode" &
>    [do something]
>    kill %1
> instead fails to address the issue that if the [do something] part
> crashes, the gnome-screensaver-command will be left running. It will
> work when called from a shell script but not if the
> gnome-screensaver-command is called from an executable.

For the case where the parent doesn't have a controlling terminal we 
might be able to use SIGPIPE to kill the child.

But you're right that it isn't ideal.  D-Bus is better suited for this case.


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