Desktop Entry Spec 1.0

Glynn Foster Glynn.Foster at Sun.COM
Tue Aug 8 06:04:29 EEST 2006


Removing lsb/portland lists from the cc list, given that I'm not currently
subscribed to either of them. Most of these are all open ended questions which I
guess may be discussed at the DTL tech board conf call during the week.

Bastian, Waldo wrote:
> I would like to declare the Desktop Entry Spec to be "1.0" after
> proposing and including changes related to the following issues that
> have been brought up on this list:
> I will propose patches to the spec for review for these issues over the
> course of this week. If there are additional issues that should be
> clarified before the "1.0" release, please speak up now. Goal of the 1.0
> spec is to reflect existing practice by current implementations.

What is your intention of the spec after it reaches 1.0? How is it going to be
blessed anymore than any of the other specs on Is there an
intention to bring these to the FSG? or come up with some semi-formal process
for requesting compatible changes to the spec? or putting them in a glass case
somewhere and throwing away the key for a couple of months?

I also worry about the fact that this specification references other
specifications know to be less than stable - or at least, not up to 1.0
standard. I think at the very least the current spec needs to address that, and
make it explicit about which parts aren't as stable.


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