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On Monday 07 August 2006 22:44, Glynn Foster wrote:
> With respect, I'm not sure LSB means anything to me as a developer working
> on Solaris or some variation of BSD, for example, though I appreciate the
> good work you guys are doing.

actually, things have been rejected or at least slowed down in adoption into 
the LSB due to not being also available on Solaris among other operating 

today it is a bit unfortunate that the 'l' stands for linux since it puts some 
awkward political space there for other operating systems, though the 
origination of this particular effort being within the linux world is 
probably fitting from a cultural historical perspective.

it would be terrific if in the future, however, we managed to get over the "l 
word"[1] and found a new meeting place for the unixy operating systems of the 


[1] no, not *that* 'l' word, though it is a good show =)

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