Desktop Entry Spec 1.0

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at
Tue Aug 8 23:06:50 EEST 2006

>What is your intention of the spec after it reaches 1.0? How is it
going to
>be blessed anymore than any of the other specs on
>Is there an intention to bring these to the FSG?

Yes, the intention is to include it in LSB 3.2

>or come up with some semi-formal process for requesting compatible
changes >to the spec? or putting them in a glass case somewhere and
throwing away
>the key for a couple of months?

The spec can be extended (in the form of 1.x) in a backwards compatible
way in the usual manner when there is a need for that. The change
required there is to start differentiating between "stable" and "less
stable" versions of the same spec: 1.0 is stable and 1.1 would be less
so till further notice.

>I also worry about the fact that this specification references other
>specifications know to be less than stable - or at least, not up to 1.0
>standard. I think at the very least the current spec needs to address
>and make it explicit about which parts aren't as stable.

I guess we could start by putting all external references into a
separate "reference" section and have the text of the spec refer there.


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