OSDL DTL Tech Board: Fonts & Linux (Thu, Aug 31)

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Wed Aug 30 10:26:14 PDT 2006

Op wo, 30-08-2006 te 01:13 -0700, schreef James Richard Tyrer:
> The other issue which does seem to be an issue with X and FontConfig is 
> that the fonts are handled differently depending on whether they are 
> Type1 or TrueType.  For example: Helvetica Narrow Bold.  With Type1, the 
> family is: "Helvetica", but with TrueType the family is: "Helvetica 
> Narrow". This issue starts with the way the font name is formatted in 
> the font file.  However, this does not provide a consistent (or good) 
> user interface -- 16 faces in a jumbled order is not good (and there are 
> more kinds of Helvetica available).  The dialogs seems to be designed 
> for the TrueType system so it would probably be better to convert the 
> Type1 font names to the TrueType font name schema. 

IMHO those TrueType font files have incorrect font family fields.
(But the reason for that is that the foundries have to do this because
Windows font family handling is broken--Mac TrueType fonts might have
this different!)

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "16 faces in a jumbled order", but
there must be a better solution than copying Windows's broken behaviour.

Jan Claeys

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