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Thu Dec 28 05:23:12 EET 2006

Donald Straney wrote:
> I definitely _don't_ mean
>that the actual code would be the same, just the API calls - the program
>would be linked at compile time to (or whatever the
> library would be called), and through an environment variable or some
> messing around with symbolic links, when it was run it would be linked
> to the desktop environment's implementation of the library.  That way,
> a program that used a standard call for opening the default web
> browser, for example, would call KDE's "open default browser" code when
> run in KDE, GNOME's "open default browser" code when run in GNOME, etc.

You've just described libdapi, the project you're criticising.

As for VFS and Multimedia, efforts are underway, albeit in a slow pace. 
GStreamer does look like the long-term solution, but in the short-term it 
isn't yet useable as the de-facto API (cf. the reasons why KDE's Phonon 
exists). As for VFS, there's no concrete project to unify because there 
isn't much demand for such a feature.

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