Request for clarification on menu/file spec

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Feb 7 19:18:14 EET 2006

> loki-setup has special handling for desktop files. It will by itself
> try to automatically determine what kind of files are required and
> where to install them. So you as packager do not have to care. It
> doesn't support xdg desktop files yet though. loki-setup follows a

Right; and part of what I'm hoping to do is add support for xdg to Loki...

> rather pragmatic approach so if it was up to me to implement xdg
> support into loki-setup I'd just try to put a desktop file into
> /usr/share/applications if it already exists. If that fails, try
> $XDG_DATA_DIRS and finally create ~/.local/share/applications. The
> uid of the user you are running as doesn't matter.

Yep.  The whole problem is when you say 'try $XDG_DATA_DIRS', what
exactly does that mean?  I'm trying to write a single .desktop file;
do I write it to every directory listed in $XDG_DATA_DIRS?  Do I write
it just to the first directory, or do I (my personal favorite) write
it to the first writable directory in the list?

Note that I'm actually not waiting on this; my implementation is done
and works.  My concern is that I want to improve the specification so
that others can find it simpler to do this in the future.



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