Bug in MIME type detection - nautilus or vfs?

Alexander Larsson alexl at redhat.com
Thu Jan 12 11:12:12 EET 2006

On Wed, 2006-01-11 at 23:38 +0100, Daniel Leidert wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, den 11.01.2006, 14:06 +0100 schrieb Alexander Larsson: 
> > On Mon, 2006-01-09 at 03:41 +0100, Daniel Leidert wrote:
> > > x-post to gnome-vfs and gnome-nautilus lists
> again and posting to freedesktop.org's xdg list
> Please tell me, on which list this is most On-Topic. I fear, that
> cross-posting is not "the best" way.

I'm not sure what the best place is.

> > > There is a bug in the MIME type detection in nautilus. To show what I
> > > mean: I have a directory, where all my bluefish-projects files resist.
> > > The application/bluefish-project MIME type is defined via
> > > shared-mime-info database.
> > 
> > On directory load nautilus only looks at the extension (for performance
> > reasons), but when you actually click on the file it sniffs it. If you
> > make the bluefish-project a subclass of text/plain then it won't fall
> > back in that way i think. At least with later versions of gnome.
> Thanks. That works. But that still leaves the minor issue, that editors,
> which can handle text/plain are also listed in "Open with". After fixing
> the shared-mime-info database entry for bluefish project files and
> trying to open a .bfproject file from nautilus, gedit was used to open
> that file, which is not the aim. 

I consider that a bug (in gnome-vfs). It should default to the app that
handles the most specific mimetype if there is no defined default for
the mimetype. Can you file a bug about this? (Against gnome-vfs, the
solution is probably to make gnome_vfs_mime_get_all_desktop_entries()
sort its return list in the order of the mimetype hierarchy.)

> Of course, the desktop-database only
> lists bluefish to open application/bluefish-project and IMHO there
> should be more respect to this application than any other application,
> which can handle text/plain. The situation gets more complicated for
> e.g. chemical/x-cml, which is a file of the Chemical Markup Language
> type, which is a sub-class of text/xml, which is a sub-class of
> text/plain. But only all editors, which can handle text/xml and
> chemical/x-cml are listed in "Open with". So is text/xml also a
> "fall-back" type? Shouldn't that whole behaviour be changed to a
> solution, where only applications, which can handle the MIME type at the
> top of the type tree, are listed in "Open with"? It would mean, that
> really all MIME types sub-classes and "top" types must be listed in the
> realted .desktop file. Or maybe one has a better idea.

Hmmm. text/xml shouldn't be different in this way. Maybe its an alias of
application/xml or something causing issues here.

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