Suggestion for name specification for extra drive and media icons

Pierre Ossman drzeus-list at
Mon Jan 23 18:52:39 EET 2006

Shaun McCance wrote:
> Perhaps all the media-dvd-* types should fall back to
> media-dvd.  This would allow people to have a generic
> DVD icon.  If a media-dvd icon isn't provided, they
> would still end up falling back to media-cdrom.
> It would be rather silly to have a normal DVD show up
> with a special DVD icon, but to have a DVD+R show up
> with a normal CD icon.

Definitely. The problem with recursive fallbacks is the added complexity
to the applications that need to handle this. This would probably be
something that should be decided early so noone does an implementation
that wouldn't allow recursion.

Related to this is how the information of fallbacks should be stored. In
the applications as hard coded values, or on disk in some form of
database. What do the people who write icon loading routines have to say
about this? I guess glib and qt cover most of the icon loading on a
modern desktop.


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