Standardized playlists?

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Ok and how do we represent those as files? People won't always want to be
on a database/indexer system like Tracker present for their playlists.

Personally we use XSPF as the default playlist format (, i
guess M3U
is a little whacky really as the spec doesn't have any provisions for URLs,
but only for
pathnames, and was originally designed for Windows only and was "brought" to
by the XMMS people who i think were the first to support M3U on *nix and had
options for that like "Convert backslash to /", etc. bottom line is i don't
think M3U is the
container format of choice for exporting.

On 7/8/06, Jamie McCracken <jamiemcc at> wrote:
> Michael Burschik wrote:
> > Has anyone ever proposed a standard for media playlists, particularly
> > audio playlists, perhaps building on the audio-metadata-spec at
> >
> > (
> >
> Yes see :
> I have not added the PlayList object to that spec yet cause I have not
> decided what metadata a playlist should have.
> In Tracker (, I have added
> the following to the  Playlist first class object:
> PlayList.DateCreated
> PlayList.LastPlay
> PlayList.PlayCount
> PlayList.Description
> PlayList.RDFQuery
> The last entry (RDFQuery) is for smart playlists whoose contents are
> based on the result of that query.
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