Multiple Desktops and the Menu Spec

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at
Thu Jul 27 19:50:48 EEST 2006

The spec currently doesn't support that. Having different files seems to me the easiest way to achieve this. I
suggest to change the spec a little and introduce an environment
variable that contains the name of the file. Something
like with as default.

Must be a bit careful how to phrase it because it shouldn't affect the
default merge dir.

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>Subject: Multiple Desktops and the Menu Spec
>What is the best practice for having two desktops each with their own
>preferences for the applications menu?
>Currently it seems to me its a choice between one desktop using a
>non-standard file (e.g. in Kubuntu I use
>/etc/xdg/menus/ or having one desktop use the
>menu layout and strings from the other desktop (and there's anough
>differences which mean having a KDE applications menu on Gnome is
>quite off-putting to long time Gnome users, same vice-versa).
>Since the first approach has the nasty side effect of breaking any
>menu editor and other tool that uses the applications menu, as well as
>any standardisation that will need the expected file
>is there a way to have each desktop with its preferred layout and
>still follow the standard?
>Jonathan Riddell
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