Multiple Desktops and the Menu Spec

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Mon Jul 31 12:39:37 EEST 2006

Travis Watkins wrote:
> Why not just put all the stuff in and do something 
> like this:
> <Menu><Name>Foo</Name><Directory></Directory></Name></Menu>
> And has: NotShowIn=GNOME; or NotShowIn=KDE;.
> Wouldn't this give us one .menu file and separate menu layouts?

Then who ships If both the kdewhatever RPM/Debian 
package and the gnomewhatever package ship it, then you will get a 
conflict and it will be impossible to install both Gnome and KDE.

If this file is shipped by a common package, then the conflict will be 
between the KDE and Gnome maintainers for access/control/modification of 
that file.

If no package ships the file and it is instead generated dynamically... 
well, then that requires a pretty intelligent application in both Gnome 
and KDE to modify the XML file so that merge their menus with the other 
desktop's menus the right way, and deal with the administrator 
modifications to boot.

Francois Gouget
fgouget at

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