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Mikhail Ramendik mr at
Sat Jun 3 04:46:24 EEST 2006

On Friday 02 June 2006 20:46, Bastian, Waldo wrote:

> I noticed that the trash spec is currently hosted on
> I would like to see the spec hosted on 

No problem here, of course. 

> and, preferably, 
> generated from docbook sources like the other specs.
> Is there a docbook version available already?

No, and worse, I don't speak DocBook :(

> I would like to propose to:
> * Create a trash-spec CVS module on
> * Add/Create accounts for Mikhail, David and Alex (please follow
> instructions on if you
> don't have an account yet)
> * If needed, convert spec to docbook (I can do that)
> * Bump version to 1.0 and move up on

I'd support the conversion to DocBook, but before that we need to make sure 
that the spec adequately reflects the current implementations. 

When it was developed, no implementations existed. I remember some talks about 
adding a description of recommenrded security checks, but I could not make 
out a clear approach (perhaps it was just me...) so I really hoped to update 
it after implementation, and to make sure everything including secutrity 
checks is described as implemented.

David and Alexander - could you perhaps send me the particular source files 
that deal with moving a file to the trash in KDE and Gnome? I'll try to 
understand how things work. Or even better - if you have the time - could you 
please compare the implementation to the specs, so that the specs could be 
updated with the implementation details including security? 

(This can also be a good time to check if the details happen to diverge in KDE 
and Gnome).

After this "reality check", I'll finish the text and bump to 1.0. Then Bastian 
could convert the text and host it on I don't even need a 
CVS account, as I don't speak DocBook anyway, Bastian can just check it in 
after the conversion (although I'd prefer to look at the result as HTML 
autogenerated from DocBook before that, just for an extra check).

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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