Support separate file "actions" via MIME-type

Benedikt Meurer benny at
Mon Jun 12 21:41:10 EEST 2006

Alex Jones wrote:
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Hey Alex,

> Originally posted on FDO Bugzilla
> (, but Owen Taylor
> suggested I posted to this list to get some exposure.
> Disclaimer: I don't fully understand the spec, yet.
> Currently, file actions are linked to .desktop files on a one-to-one basis. For
> example, AbiWord has a file, "abiword.desktop", which describes its Launcher
> behaviour, including name, generic name, comment, categories (for application
> organisation) and the command used to start the application.
> If, for example, you wanted several actions for a particular file, you would
> have to create separate .desktop files. You might want three actions for audio
> files in Rhythmbox - "Play now in Rhythmbox", "Add to Rhythmbox library", "Queue
> in Rhythmbox". I see no way you can do this without creating separate .desktop
> files.

There's already a mechanism for "Desktop Actions" defined in the spec
and it's currently supported by Thunar and Konqueror. See the "How dows
[Desktop Action...] work?" thread for details:

See the file at

for an example of how to add additional actions for media players, which
will be displayed like this

in the file managers that support desktop actions.

Maybe the desktop-entry spec should be updated to better describe the
desktop actions?


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