MLQ (Media Library Query) file format and mime type proposal

Josef Spillner spillner at
Thu Jun 22 12:39:39 EEST 2006

Alle 11:25, giovedì, 22. giugno 2006, Milosz Derezynski ha scritto:
> Since this is very common, and having the discussions about a common music
> database in mind, this seems like a useful proposal, since it is not player
> specific.

It is not even music specific. I've used query:// URIs for a long time with 
metaservers, although only in a read-only context, whereas for write access 
the (alternative) full-blown XML interface is used.

The way it is used for the metaserver is like query://type/category, where 
e.g. type would be the generic name for a server (say, 'freeciv' or 'cupsd') 
and category would be 'connection' (to get back a connection URI) or 'meta' 
(to get back other metaserver URIs for the same type).
Using such a scheme makes an application resistant against host name changes 
in the long run, i.e. it will pick up moving servers automatically.

This is probably not the same thing as your query, but obviously it's also 
used to query a database behind it (which is a XML database in my case, but 
could be SQL or anything else for that matter). So maybe it makes sense to 
standardise this in a broader context.

KDE Radio Station is one example where this is used (ha - found a relation to 
music!), and the GGZ Gaming Zone project is another one (where it originated 
since metaservers are commonplace with game servers).


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