First xdg-utils beta release

Richard Moore rich at
Sun Jun 25 01:55:09 EEST 2006

Some minor feedback based on the docs:


The format of the window id argument is not documented. The example
provides it in a C-style hex number (0x0101010). It should be
specified which formats are supported.

The bugs section has a typo 'Bugss'


The summary is incorrect, it suggests that it can only run things as
root which is incorrect according to the main body of the document.

The -c option is listed in the synopsis, but not in options.

It would be useful if it was possible to distinguish between a failure
because of a bad password or some other failure.


It would be nice if you had the option of passing the body via stdin.

The attach file method should let you specify the name of the
attachment. This could be useful (for example) if the user has asked
to attach a file that is in a remote location (eg. via a KIO URL). In
such situations you would want to be able to give the name of a
temporary file which would not reflect the 'real' name of the file.


It should be possible for an application to explicity state if it
thinks it is passing a file or a url.

Hope this is useful.


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