libxdg-vfs - screenshots

nf2 nf2 at
Mon Jun 26 16:11:57 EEST 2006


I have written a little VFS-browser demo using "libxdg-vfs". There are
some nice screenshots at the bottom of this page...

It's possible to walk around the hierarchy provided by the VFS libraries
(KIO and Gnome-VFS), to peek into remote ftp/smb shares and so on...

The idea behind this experiment is to align the behavior of KIO and
Gnome-VFS in a common frontend API which could be used from
cross-desktop applications and even file-dialogs (like GTKFileChooser).

The whole undertaking is quite tricky - i had to add features like
'diving' into desktop-entries automatically, querying icon themes and
root-URIs (system:/ on KIO and computer:/// on Gnome) and returning
icon-names when listing a directory...

Although there are still some problems - epecially with Volumes (Drives)
- the experiment shows that this approach might work... :-)


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