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Rodney Dawes dobey at
Wed Jun 28 21:22:32 EEST 2006

On Wed, 2006-06-28 at 10:08 -0700, Bastian, Waldo wrote:
> Sure, that's a problem, but you have that problem nowadays as well. Look
> at the usability of the system as a whole and you will find that it is
> horrible as long as you have different themes and button order settings
> between Gtk and Qt applications. It's hard to say whether an application
> with a file-dialog that doesn't match the widget of the rest of the app
> is worse than an application with a file-dialog that doesn't match the
> other file-dialogs on the system. I'm inclined to think that a user
> adapts easier to an "out-of-place" file dialog if there is only one kind
> of file dialog he has to deal with. But let's not go there. Yes, fix the
> look & feel, but while we wait for that to happen, let's not use it as a
> stop-energy excuse for not looking into solutions for other issues.  

Stop-energy excuse? I think not. This is a public mailing list, meant
for multiple to express their views on the matters presented therein. My
point of view with the suggestion at hand, is that it will detract from
the usability of the application. And as was already brought up, it
isn't technically feasible to do at this point anyway, as many apps
insert custom widgets into the dialogs. The usability issue is not so
simple as to be minimized to the button order of the resulting changed
dialog. If it were, then I would be all for doing the dialog switching.

-- dobey

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