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Yes, sounds very useful.

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>I stumbled upon the Shared file metadata spec
>and came to think of something that might be useful to indexers and
>related program: file origins. When a file is downloaded, saved or
>extracted from an archive, an extended attribute (EA) could be set to
>specify the origin. For downloaded files, it could be the url where it
>was downloaded from. When an attachment is saved from an email
>message, it could be the Message-ID of the email message. When a file
>is extracted from a tar archive, it could be the path to the original
>tar file. When a file is created by any regular program, it could be
>the application name of the program. A copied file could have the
>source path as origin. This information could work for desktop
>indexers just like hyperlinks works for Google.
>Would such a recommendation be useful?
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