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Thu Jun 29 10:47:21 EEST 2006

On Thursday 29 June 2006 01:22, Bastian, Waldo wrote:
> icons into a $XDG_DATA_DIRS location. It's ok to add these locations to
> the search path

... aside from the performance penalty of having yet more paths to look at? we 
already look at a rather large number of directories in the icon spec, no?

> The search-list for app-specific icons should include
> $XDG_DATA_DIRS/$appname/icons/$theme/... in addition to the other

is $XDG_DATA_DIRS/$appname already in another spec, or does this introduce a 
new namespacing mechanism? if so, i'd suggest that having a whole ton of 
dirs, one per app, in $XDG_DATA_DIRS/ drowns out the other non-app dirs such 
as Trash, mimetype and applications. and heaven forbid anyone actually make 
an app called Trash, mimetype, applications or any of the other special dirs 
in there ;)

i'd really suggest having $XDG_DATA_DIRS/<something>/$appname instead for this 
reason. i lean towards appdata myself (and wish that applications/ had been 
named something else, but only so many tears can be shed for the past ;)

> That said, I would like to see an icon-spec that conforms with existing
> implementations and that can be referred to by LSB 3.2 (ideally "icon
> spec 1.0") before new things get added that existing implementations do
> not yet support.

agreed. do you have a list of outstanding items you'd recommend / like to see 
for a 1.0?

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