storage location for common user directories

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On Thursday 09 March 2006 03:03, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> To say that this was the conclusion is quite wrong. The conclusion was
> that the translation of the filenames is a serious problem with various
> possible solutions that all have their own issues and we were unable to
> reach a consensus on what method was best.

i wonder if it would be possible to throw the translations into the .directory 
file and keep a set of standard files to copy over in a system location? this 
would mean that in addition to checking for .directory and various contents 
therein, file browsers (managers, dialogs, etc) would have to check for a 
localized version of the Name property.

it would be up to the folder API provided with the desktop env to do the right 
thing when creating these folders ...

this would obviously fall apart on the command line, but would work in the 
GUI. meh .. sounds like a massive hack =)

> > I believe the best solution was to have environment variables to get the
> > paths for each respective folder so anybody could configure how they
> > like.
> Environment variables are a very bad solution to this. First of all
> there is no way to change an environment variable throughout the desktop
> after it is started, and secondly it requires something to set the env
> vars on login, and that has to read its configuration from somewhere.
> So, if you don't standardize that then the desktops will all use
> different folders anyway! Plus, running apps outside a desktop will mean
> the env vars are not set.

yes, env vars are bad, evil and bad. we've had huge, repeating problems in our 
user base over the XDG_*_DIRS vars ever since kde started supporting them 
fully =(

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