storage location for common user directories

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Thu Mar 9 19:07:02 EET 2006

On Thursday 09 March 2006 04:53, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> folder.  Similar to the .directory files OS X has a .localized file which
> can provide a localized name for that directory.

hmm.. i wonder if they have separate files that so that translations can be 
updated independently of directory configurations (so as more localizations 
are added you don't lose directory settings)?

> Unless we plan on having a desktop settings file sometime soon an
> environment variable seems to be the only solution to the first problem. 
> Using Music as an example to find out the location an environment variable
> $MUSIC_LOCATION would be checked and if it doesn't exists then it can
> default to ~/Music. The environment variable can be set by the desktop
> environment.  Changes would of course requires a restart of applications or
> even the desktop.  When the day comes that we have a common settings system
> the specification can be amended with it.

ugh. please, for the love of god[dess], no. we'll have to support that env var 
forever afterwards and it will suffer all the problems we've seen in other 
places we've used them. =(

and think about it: how does one change this from within the session? the user 
would have to log out and back in. bleh.

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