shared-mime-info 0.17

Thomas Leonard tal at
Thu Mar 16 22:30:55 EET 2006

On Tue, 14 Mar 2006 22:04:57 +0000, Mike Hearn wrote:

>> Current issues keeping this as 'draft' are:
>>     * The Desktop Base Directory Specification, which this relies on, is
>>       still a draft."
> Can we add:
>       * Integration with icon themes has not been finalised
>         (and is not currently part of the specification).
> to that list? :)
> It's kind of silly that the spec comes so far then falls over at the last
> hurdle: what name an icon file should have. I don't remember the rules for
> this but it's quite frustrating and undocumented.

We have an 'icon' spec and a 'MIME' spec, and it's not clear which one
should define the naming scheme for MIME icons, but it certainly shouldn't
be both of them ;-) 

In the last discussion (linked from the bottom of the MIME spec page),
Rodney Dawes said:

> "In terms of "fixing" the Shared MIME Info Spec, at some point, I think
> the solution is going to just be to make it point at the Icon Naming
> Spec for information on how to name icons."

That's fine by me. Can someone from GNOME please document what naming
scheme you adopted, since it isn't what was agreed previously on this
list? For ROX at least, I'm happy to adopt GNOME's system once it's
documented and agreed here.

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