Menu-spec update (Was: [Patch] Update 'How to' to clarify computation of datadir)

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Mar 22 15:54:22 EET 2006

> "shocking" doesn't tell me much. Why do you want great flexibility? Who should 
> have great flexibility?

Well, here are two examples.

I'm the sysadmin for a network of computers; I've built them
to all have a common nfs mount point at /mnt/shared;
all systems have an XDG_DATA_DIRS of something like

I want to install a new package, I type:
  XDG_DATA_DIRS=/mnt/shared ./
and my software menus are automatically installed into a
shared location.  Sweet!

Or maybe I don't want a particular package to be visible to
users in a particular group; I want to do:
  XDG_DATA_DIRS=/opt/secret_software ./

I'm sure there are others.  That's the point of flexibility - you
write a spec with enough generality that it can easily be used
for purposes beyond that which the original designers foresaw.

I'm particularly fond of specs with flexibility, but with a clear
set of defaults and therefore defacto standards.  That's what I
thought the menu-spec was.



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