Menu spec update (summary; closure?)

Lennon Cook maguswizardo at
Sat Mar 25 00:05:27 EET 2006

Joerg Barfurth wrote:
> The problem is that it complicates things for users that simply want
> newly installed applications to be in their menu.
I would think that these people would often be using distro-provided
tools for package management, so everything just working becomes the
distros concern. Users who install non-distro packages usually have to
put up with other things anyway.
Therefore, this is realy only a problem for those of us who run Linux
>From Scratch or similar. And given that LFS is specifically targeted
at technically advanced users (ie, those for whom getting this to work
would be a trivial task), that is moot anyway.

>They always have to
> take extra steps. As Waldo has mentioned it also may have a performance
> impact (it leads to long XDG_*-DIR search pathes, requiring iterating
> all those directories.
I tend to think that this is an admin issue, rather than something to
be addressed in the spec. On a particular system, there might be a
workaround for this (eg, GoboLinux has its /System/Links heirachy), or
it might not matter (the login time might already be non-trivial due
to other factors, or the search paths might be cached aggresively).

> the admin can make this a no-op or
> redirect to a special directory through a file in /etc. And the admin
> can use the same tool for menu integration of bits that are already
> installed in a shared location.
Ok, this makes more sense than what I thought you meant (tool does a
specific thing), an seems like a good idea. So, +1 .

Lennon Victor Cook
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