Hello + sound event architecture

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Mon Nov 13 19:43:36 EET 2006

On Monday 13 November 2006 8:35, Stefan.Kost at nokia.com wrote:
> user has no sound-card he wouldn't run the mixer applet and thus no
> play_sound service is available. 

fwiw, after working on kde's panels for a few years now, i've found no 
reliable correlation between "working sound" and a sound applet running. 
perhaps it's different in gnome =)

> I see benefit in the separation from a notification daemon.

isn't this a separate topic altogether from notifications, though, which 
should be discussed separately and with the multimedia developers of all the 
projects? (they tend to have great cross-pollination, so this shouldn't be 
hard) they could then bring a recommendation (e.g. a standardized DBUS 
interface to be provided by the running desktop's workspace) to this list 
which would likely have good coverage of the issues they are most acquainted 

> notification daemon. Thus the notification daemon can use the play_sound
> dbus service to play a sound with a given priority.

or it could use the sound system provided by the platform it is written to, 
and that sound system could provide a standardized DBUS interface for 
play_sound. so i don't see a particular advantage to defining this detail 
within the scope of "notification systems"

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