[Portland] xdg-utils first run report

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Fri Nov 17 15:54:47 EET 2006

> I wouldn't put this in the spec, but on the webpage that contains the
> all the links to the spec.

I disagree.  I looked at the Standards page, and I felt that xdg-utils
was not appropriate there; it's not a standard.

The appendix of the spec is clearly a place where we are trying to
put practical guidelines on how to use the spec.  And without it there,
a reasonable person asking 'How do I make a menu?' will come to www.freedesktop.org,
and come away assuming they have to implement code that follows the
menu spec, which is no longer true.

I think it's perfectly reasonable to include a note in a spec that
says, essentially:  "a referencable implementation can be found in <blah>".



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