extended attribute standardization

Michael Burschik Michael.Burschik at gmx.de
Tue Nov 21 08:25:40 EET 2006

Jos van den Oever wrote:
> 2006/11/19, Michael Burschik <Michael.Burschik at gmx.de>:
>> Do you mean some kind of relational database? If not, I'm not so sure
>> that searching the index would be faster than searching extended
>> attributes. After all, the file system already is a very efficient
>> database, even though it is not optimized for the kind of access
>> patterns we are talking about.
> Yes, a relational db with indexes or an index optimized for text
> search such as lucene is _much_ faster than searching through all
> external attributes. That's why it's called an index.
Wow, now I know what "index" means!
>> > There are plenty of libs to get that data out. Also the specs are
>> > rather simple.
>> The individual specs may be simple, but the sheer number of specs will
>> certainly introduce complexity.
> True, and that is why it nice to have a program like xmlindexer that
> gives you only one output format for all metadata.
How do you solve the problem of keeping the index and the files in sync?



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