problems about trayicon autostart in GNOME

David Lee lb515i at
Mon Nov 27 01:15:11 PST 2006

problems about trayicon autostart in GNOME:

I write a .desktop file in /etc/xdg/autostart/, for auto-starting
an application with trayicon.But my application always starts before

the GNOME notification area applet, so the trayicon of my application
can not embedded in the notification area correctly.

In SUSE SLED 10, the notification-area-applet is loaded as "shlib"
instead of "exe"(I found this at

It is not displayed in the process lists, so I don't know how to
judge if the notification-area-applet is loaded.

Is there any way to know exactly at what time the
in GNOME is loaded when logging in ?
Is there any way to control the autostart order in GNOME?

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