Linux Localization support for Thai language

Deen S. khundeen at
Wed Nov 29 16:18:03 PST 2006

Hi All,

  With motivation from Bart Massey and his gang at Portland State U.,  here
is my attempt to make myself useful to the Open source community.  I haven't
used Linux for a couple year and now I heard a lot of good things about new

  I installed Debian a month ago and one of the things that striked me was
that there wasn't Thai option when I install it.  Not that I plan to use it
but I think many Thai people might want it.

  Could you please let me know who maintain the Thai localization at the
moment?  I would like to help on this.  I saw some issue but I like to
discussed since I am not sure if it doesn't support or it me who doesn't
know how to configure it correctly.  The idea desktop shouldn't require user
to do much configuration and I believe it's it's one of the goal of

  I am not sure if this is too big of attempt since will probally have to
learn the basic.  Any help that can get me to the right start is very

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