A new addition to desktop-file-utils? (Repost)

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at intel.com
Fri Oct 6 22:26:21 EEST 2006

[This _is_ the main freedesktop list :-]

Xdg-open (part of xdg-utils, 1.0 version to be released Real Soon Now
(tm)) already provides a way to launch .desktop files in a desktop
neutral way, reusing the existing infrastructure for handling such

I'm interested to learn more about your tool though, it might be useful
to include it in xdg-open as a fallback mechanism for people that don't
have Gnome or KDE installed.

Waldo Bastian
Linux Client Architect - Client Linux Foundation Technology
Channel Platform Solutions Group
Intel Corporation - http://www.intel.com/opensource
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>Subject: A new addition to desktop-file-utils? (Repost)
>[This is a repost of a message I sent to the main freedesktop list
>earlier this week.  I haven't gotten any responses there and am
>hoping to open this up to a broader audience by posting here,
>hopefully with some advice on how I can proceed to get the code into
>the desktop-file-utils toolset.]
>Last week Tom Tromey posted an idea on his blog about
>executable .desktop files:
>   http://tromey.com/blog/?p=285
>I saw it, thought it was a good idea, and commented as much on my blog:
>   http://sniping.org/2006/09/28/so-simple-it-might-just-be-worth-
>To this end, I've written an additional utility called desktop-file-
>launch, and I'd like to submit it for inclusion in the desktop-file-
>utils toolset (http://freedesktop.org/wiki/
>Software_2fdesktop_2dfile_2dutils).  C isn't my strongest language,
>but my tool works and I'm totally open to suggestions as to how to
>improve it, feature-, code-, or method-wise.  Would posting a patch
>that applies against the latest CVS to this mailing list be the right
>way to go about doing this, or is there a better list or better way?
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