PATCHES: Desktop Entry Spec 1.0 - Take 3

Vincent Untz vuntz at
Sun Oct 8 21:10:41 EEST 2006

Sorry for the really long delay :/

Le mercredi 06 septembre 2006, à 09:42, Bastian, Waldo a écrit :
> I still have the following unresolved issues open for the Desktop Entry
> Spec 1.0. Last time Vincent seemed to have other ideas about these, so I
> would like to hear some additional feedback to move this forward one way
> or the other.
> Cheers,
> Waldo
> >* actions.diff and fixexample.diff
> >
> >Since this isn't widely supported yet I suggest to remove Actions for
> >the 1.0 version and add it back for a 1.1 version. I propose to apply
> >actions-2.diff which removes Actions for 1.0.

If I'm the only one to object, then, okay, let's postpone this to 1.1

> >* regexp.diff
> >
> >Since the only user of regexp was FilePattern, which is now deprecated,
> >I suggest to remove regexp as type altogether. I propose regexp-2.diff
> >which removes regexp as type.

I can't remember regexp-2.diff right now. If we specify in the part
where we describe FilePattern that it was a list of strings, where each
string is a POSIX regexp, then I'm fine with the removal of the type.

> >* versionkey.diff
> >
> >The field is currently listed as numeric with a well defined meaning,
> >making it easy to compare whether one version is older than another.
> Not
> >that anyone is actually using the Version field at the moment. I
> propose
> >to change according to versionkey-2.diff

I believe that:
 + we need to keep a version key
 + as long as we stay compatible with previous releases of the spec,
   we use 1.x.y or 1.x, and we increment major when we break the

Do we need a micro version? I don't know. I believe it could be useful
to have it for typo fixes, or editorial fixes (when we don't add a new
feature, eg). That's why I'd go with x.y.z.


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