Icon / mime association..

Kustaa Nyholm feedback2 at sparetimelabs.com
Wed Oct 11 00:01:44 EEST 2006

Hi List,

new here, so excuse me if this is wrong place to ask this question.

I've tried to do my home work, spent some ten hours in the web but I still do 
not know the answer.

How do I do file/mime/application associations in the freedesktop.org style?

I understand that I create a myapp.xml file in /usr/bin/mime/packages and then 
run update-mime-database.

But as far as I understand this only associates, in practical terms, my mime 
type, a description of the type and file extension together, no icon.

I then  create a myapp.desktop file and run update-desktop-database which 
associates my mime type, executable and icon and a description of the application.

Now the part I don't understand:

The icon in the .desktop file, is that an icon for the application or the 
document (mime typed) file? Or both?

How can I get a separate icon for the application and document? What if my 
application supports several document (mime) types?

I figured this could be be done with a .desktop file with the Type=Mimetype and
Patterns=*.ext but these are deprecated?

I've read the icon naming spec and icon theme spec but I just don't get it.

Please advice or give pointers.

cheers Kusti

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