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Wed Oct 11 18:41:35 EEST 2006

On Wednesday 11 October 2006 8:36, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> from using the autostart mechanism for a few months now, and having got
> some feedback from users, it seems to me we only want to lock the whole
> file, thus having a Locked=true|false property would be enough. That is,
> why would you want to allow the user to change the Exec line but not
> Hidden, for instance? Admins, at least from my experience, usually just
> want to force the app to always be started, or just allow the user to
> disable it, and for that we just need that Locked=true|false

we support $i as we do consistently across all configuration files. this 
avoids special rules in specific places and avoids us having to prognosticate 
what the admins/users of the world wish to do. they can simply do what they 
want, our code remains simple and consistent, nobody complains.

> Also, for the lockdown, we need to sort out what to do when the user
> puts a file with the same name of a locked system-wide .desktop file, in
> his ~/.config/autostart. Should the user's file be used in place of the
> system-wide? Or, should the system-wide, when locked, have precedence
> over the user's changes?

system wide files always have precedence.

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