autostart spec updates/extensions

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at
Wed Oct 11 21:21:51 EEST 2006

>Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
>> we support $i as we do consistently across all configuration files.
>> avoids special rules in specific places and avoids us having to
>> what the admins/users of the world wish to do. they can simply do
>> want, our code remains simple and consistent, nobody complains.
>Using [$i] would be consistent with KDE, but inconsistent (and in fact,
>syntactically incompatible) with the FDO .desktop file spec.

If you only mandate the use of [$i] as a way to lock down the entire
file, it will be equivalent to a group section named "$i" which is
pretty compatible with the current FDO desktop file spec.

Note that Gnome isn't complying very strictly with the FDO desktop file
spec anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much about that aspect.


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