Icon / mime association..

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at intel.com
Mon Oct 16 21:19:13 EEST 2006

>Back to the XGDUtils.
>Everything works fine as long as I'm installing (with XDG script) them
>'--mode user' but not '--mode system', also if I sudo them, then the
>*.desktop file does not carry the proper icon and the assocations do
>work. I've tried this on Ubuntu only. Is this correct behaviour? What
>the '--mode system' for?

--mode user installs under $HOME, while --mode system installs under
You can leave it out and then it will use one or the other depending on
whether you are root or not. Typically only root can use --mode system

If it works fine with --mode user, it should work just as fine with sudo
and --mode system. The only thing I can think of is that part of the GTK
icon cache may be outdated and is still pointing to the icon in a
previous location. With older gnome versions it may also help to restart


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