Opening default filemanager (was: xdg Digest, Vol 31, Issue 10)

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Wed Oct 18 01:13:39 EEST 2006

On Tuesday 17 October 2006 23:45, Marcos wrote:
> Hello!
> KDE, XFCE and GNOME, for example, are window managers which contain a file
> manager. Unfortunatelly, as far as I know, there is no standard way to know
> which is the users default file manager. That means
> a) the user can not change his file manager without changing his window
> manager (not that bad) b) no application can implement a "open folder in
> default file manager" function in a standar way ( complete disaster)

xdg-open /path/to/directory

> A much simpler way to solve this problem is to have the default file
> manager as the default program to open the inode/directory (or anything
> like that). By doing so, opening a directory would be as simple as opening
> any file, and any program would be able to use such feature, just by using
> the xdg-mime library!

Open a directory is like opening a file with xdg-open

Since xdg-open calls the desktop environments commandline tool for launching 
the default handler application, it _does_ already use the desktop's 
assocation for inode/directory
(at least kfmclient does for KDE, but I assume gnome-open and exo-open 
actually do the same)


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