autostart spec, round 2!

Vincent Untz vuntz at
Thu Oct 19 09:24:14 EEST 2006

Le mercredi 18 octobre 2006, à 14:49, Dan Winship a écrit :
>         - If a file contains the string "[$i]" on a line by itself
>           before the "[Desktop Entry]" group, then its contents are
>           considered immutable, and the startup system will not merge
>           in the contents of any further directories.

[$i] is a group header, so let's call it a group header, even if its
group is empty. Also, I don't think it needs to be before the [Desktop
Entry] group.

> > 3. X-KDE-autostart-condition
> Lubos points out that apps can just toggle the Hidden flag on a per-user
> basis. This has pros and cons:
>     Pro:
>       - No additional spec text needed
>       - 100% compatible all-around rather than having egregiously
>         KDE-specific and GNOME-specific bits
>     Con:
>       - Difficult for app authors to use until we get new APIs out
>         there to read/write the files for them
>       - Moves part of the application's configuration state out of the
>         standard place (kconfig/gconf)
>       - May not work well if people reject the key merging proposal
>         above
> I like it though. Anyone else got comments?

I think it's useful in some cases (eg, autostarting accessibility
programs). We can implement this in GNOME without getting it
standardized if nobody else wants this :-)


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