autostart spec, round 2!

Vincent Untz vuntz at
Thu Oct 19 18:30:19 EEST 2006

Le jeudi 19 octobre 2006, à 11:06, Dan Winship a écrit :
> Vincent Untz wrote:
> > Le mercredi 18 octobre 2006, à 14:49, Dan Winship a écrit :
> >>         - If a file contains the string "[$i]" on a line by itself
> >>           before the "[Desktop Entry]" group, then its contents are
> >>           considered immutable, and the startup system will not merge
> >>           in the contents of any further directories.
> > 
> > [$i] is a group header, so let's call it a group header, even if its
> > group is empty. Also, I don't think it needs to be before the [Desktop
> > Entry] group.
> It's technically not a group header, because the desktop entry spec
> doesn't allow group names to have "$" in them. But if your desktop file
> parser is willing to treat it as a group header, then you can treat it
> as a group header in your code.

It is a group header:
"Group names may contain all ASCII characters except for [ and ] and
control characters."

It wouldn't be a valid key, though :-)

This makes me think we need to add something to the desktop entry spec
about 'invalid' lines (entries defined before the first group header, or
lines that are not empty, not a comment, not a group and not an entry).
I guess we can either ignore those lines or just treat the whole file as

> But it does have to be before the [Desktop Entry] group, to be
> compatible with how lockdown works in KDE.

I feel this is unnecessary, but I won't fight for this, especially if
it's needed for compatibility reasons. I'm not sure GKeyFile makes it
easy to know the order of the groups, though.


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