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Mon Oct 23 13:30:48 EEST 2006

On Sunday 22 October 2006 22:59, Marcos wrote:
> Hello again, Kevin
> Hello Fred
> Am I talking about embedding the desktop's filemanager ?
> Good question! I never saw the problem at this point of view.
> My initial objective was just to add ( and modify and extend ) the context
> menu from the default file manager for files and folders in my application.
> The files and folder representation was being done by myself, althought the
> icons come from the user's window manager.
> Since the context menu will be extended, I don't think one can call it
> embedding.

I though about embedding because you wrote about "implementing it _in_ an 

So you want to have the file manager running but extend its context menu with 
additional functionality, which at the moment boils down to writing plugins 
for the targeted file managers, e.g. Konqueror, Nautilus,...

> > - veto the operation
> I expect to veto the operation, also to add new opens

I don't think filemanagers allow this kind of changes right now, or at least 
not directly (it might be able to locate the "action object" and disable or 
disconnect it)

> the default File Manager API just have to return, for each line of the
> context menu:
> a) type of the operation (fixed)
> b) name of the operation (which might vary according to the user's locale)
> c) a pointer of the function which performs the operation
> d) some extra stuff I've forgotten

Hmm, customizing the context menu could be doable with a common plugin API, 
however this would, in the case of operation overriding, create difference 
between actions triggered from the context menu and actions triggered for 
example by keyboard shortcuts.

Just extending the menu, i.e. adding actions, should be less problematic, the 
filemanagers already allow this to some extend.
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